Pixie Rugs, what’s in store….

Pixie Rugs just got even better


Well what an amazing first 6 months in business. I could never have anticipated the fantastic response we’ve had to my Pixie Rugs. What began as me just ” trying to find the perfect picnic rug” for my family has quickly grown into a busy little business indeed.

Maybe a little too busy to be honest, which has caught me out a little with stock levels due to the demand for my first release of designs. But as my husband says (as I store the rugs at his factory) better to have sold out than have 1000 boxes still sitting there getting in my way.

So, where to now for Pixie Rugs?????

My plan was always to design a range of rugs (normally 6-8 styles) and while they sold, plan the next range so we always have new fresh designs available for everyone. This went out the window a little with the demand for the Mod Teal circle range, which sold out really quickly and the requests to get more was enormous.

So we’ve made some more Mod Teal rugs due to popular demand, and introduced a new design we are calling Blue Leaf that we’ve rushed in a few to help us get through the busy xmas period, with the rest of the stock due in late December. Plus we have 2 new designs due in early 2014, a yellow “fish scales” and a grey “flower” rug that are in production as we speak.

All our new rugs will be noticeably different to the original versions. One thing we have taken on board is everyone’s feedback regarding the initial order and what the rugs are being used for.

The first change is the top fabric. I have used a ” poly blend ” rather than just cotton canvas to make the rugs easier to clean, less likely to fade, more resistant to mould and a lot more durable. The fabric is still soft to touch and more comfortable to sit on, but are now more kid friendly as well.

Another improvement was making the underside twice as thick as the original. This was a tricky decision as it gives the rugs a firmer / stiffer feel but as it makes the rugs a lot stronger I felt it was worth it, which will reduce tearing and make them more cushioning to sit on.

So thanks again for your support of Pixie Rugs in 2013. Once again I apologies for the stock or lack there of, but we promise that once all the new range is available in early 2014, we will never have low stock levels again.

I hope you like the changes I’ve made to my Pixie Rugs and please email me with any questions or comments.

Wishing you the best this festive season!

Thanks so much.






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