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Pod Playground

The Pod Playground located in Weston Creek, ACT, is amazing – 5 stars! Designed around acorns and banksia nuts it has two large sections: the huge, high connected acorns and slides for older kids and a great section of banksia huts filled with musical instruments and small slides all in a big sand pit for smaller kids. There are also a few swings, a musical bridge and a big climbing web. The playground is next to the visitors centre with a cafe.

On the other side of the visitor’s centre is a great grassy amphitheater for running, rolling and kite flying. You have to pay for parking, but it goes to the arboretum so it is to a good cause.

The arboretum is connected to the lake bike paths and there are BBQs up at the Cedar Forest (a 30 min walk/2 min drive from the playground) which is fun for kids in its own right.


  • fenced
  • toilets
  • suitable for toddlers
  • seats
  • BBQ
  • car parking (paid)
  • bikepath (nearby)

We give Pod Playground rate5

Pod Playground, ACT

Pod Playground, ACT

Pod Playground, ACT





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